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Tarpaulin _ company news production process and specification requirements

by:LINYANG     2020-03-26
Tarpaulin production every process has strict requirements and specifications, only in strict accordance with the standards, to produce superior quality tarpaulins. First, in take cloth cloth, will strictly check the materials slotted, membrane, damaged, holes, loose weft, jump wire, etc. , if there is a need to cut down again for Mosaic. Second, blanking, if no problem, at the end of the fabric inspection requirement of cloth, feet to straight before cutting cutting, according to the request of accurate size, each block to the clear specification, and it is important to note before each blanking the to find the original chief connected, blanking, according to the requirement of the orders on each color each specifications, the only remaining a leader, when there is no order, hurriedly finishing workshop, classifying the leader, splicing, neat classification. Third, for stitching raphe technology: quality requirements, feed, lab, the spear, pull a spear to ready all ready to reach the designated position, must want to drop of water, and to adjust the temperature is moderate, if will cut is too high, too low will need to raise, burned hole make straight cut open, rearranged, not stick to reassemble, all in all, must be qualified. Fourth, the technical requirements for running rope, same as the above article 3, seam is strong, strong, can't have holes, the most important thing is not to take off the rope. Fifth, loop: no special requirements for the order indicated, such as 1. 1, 5 m 1, 1 m retainer ring to exert oneself, require strong and firm, cannot fall off easily. Sixth, folded cloth: after finished rings, forming a standard fold cloth, 40 cm by 70 cm length is 10 meters, 10 meters to 20 meters between 50 * 80 cm, 60 x 90 cm between 20 meters to 30 meters. Note must not be a long length of short, exterior color should be consistent, not for a moment, took a while, according to the actual size plastic bags and bagging, not big small tarpaulins, bags on the label, also pay attention to the written clear type and specification. Tarpaulin tent factory tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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