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Tarpaulin can be used for tents, bags and other abrasive products raw material _ industry trends

by:LINYANG     2020-03-28
Now more people an opportunity to travel, often go out if you want to make a tent is commonly tarpaulins, travelling bag, and there were childhood now car tarpaulins, these basic materials are made of tarpaulin products, because the tarpaulin wear-resisting durable. Tent when not fold can save a space already, also can protect it from being damaged. The right folding method can effectively extend the service life of tarpaulins, give users save the cost, also make our products gain good reputation. Tarpaulins positive upward flat rolled out, set aside two rope, the length direction of the longitudinal center line of two side bends to the tent. Third, will have folded points on each side toward the midline even folded twice. Tarpaulin width of each side to tarpaulin lateral line fold, then each consecutive three times to the middle folded in half and then jump. The appearance of after folding size is about 1000 mmx600mmx300mm. With the reserved rope baling, two sides bundle of cross, tighten frap, rope head tucked up, should not be loose and falls off rope buckle, shall not delay. Choose the time of tarpaulin products, be sure to check good quality, because only high quality tarpaulin products, to meet the performance requirements. High quality tarpaulins to more durable, corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance, and longer service life. And it must be recycled, completely is green environmental protection product. In addition, it on the basis of good waterproof effect, but also have good heat function, can well cover rain a sunny day, and its density of longitude and latitude, tenacity is big, looks smooth and soft, touch have a comfortable touch, so it is important to note that we choose and tent. Linyi tarpaulin factory at http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/professional tent phone: 13754728822
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