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Tarpaulin buckles tarpaulins good partners

by:LINYANG     2020-03-23
When using tarpaulins, we often used tarpaulins clasp, tarpaulins buckle is applied to a tarpaulin products exclusive buttonhole, have important role on analysis of fixed and support. At the time of purchase should pay attention to its quality, good quality tarpaulins buckle can be sustainable use. Tarpaulin factory now to teach you how to choose the performance is very good quality tarpaulins buckle. Tarpaulin buckle usually with iron and copper jewelry material, when the choice to take into account the specific needs. Iron material tarpaulin clasp cost is low, tensile strength of fixed is good also, but there is a big drawback is easy to rust, corrosion, directly affect the tarpaulin fixed tensile strength and good appearance; Copper tarpaulin buckle cost a little higher, but not will rust easily, with iron tent clasp contrast, tensile fixed strength slightly less. Tarpaulins buckle is generally installed in tarpaulin products above, can use more durable. If need cleaning on tarpaulins buckle for a period of time, do not use strong acid alkali cleaner to prevent rust corrosion, and should be put in the position of natural ventilation is in the strong sunlight exposure, this makes it easier to aging deformation. In order to avoid sinking the goods loose tarpaulin buckle, tarpaulins buckle in our daily life often use with elastic waist line collocation. From tarpaulins buckle waist rope end through the later, lanyard, back again to through the waist line and tarpaulins buckle, hit a slipknot; From the other end and eye wear, to return to play a fast knot, so that it can be effective to avoid the problem of loose tarpaulin buckle. Another tent buckle http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/can also detect tarpaulin quality, a measure of the quality of the most basic is the density of longitude and latitude. High density high strength, the better quality will be. If the surface feels rough, quality is not very good. Some people also use water to check. A good tent products after hand rub and then pour water and see if it is leaking, if poor quality tarpaulins button will appear. You can try.
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