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Talking about the safety of pvc plastic wrap and pvc plastic wrap equipment

by:LINYANG     2020-01-20


recently, the survey found that 15 of the 16 pvc preservative film samples were found to have banned plasticizer DEHA. Plastic wrap is toxic, and the attribution of accountability cannot only focus on'Industry disorder' After all, the people can't get close to the pvc plastic wrap equipment to understand the truth. The main body responsible for identifying the safety of plastic wrap should be the regulator.

plastic wrap'Not Insured' When the news comes out, let the public'Shocked' : This side of the box is a common item that has become a cooked food packaging and leftovers; Over there, PVC plastic wrap is generally exposed to DEHA, which will poison the body. . . . . . It is inevitable that it will arouse public safety anxiety.

according to news reports, plastic wrap is toxic and not a small probability event. Of the 16 PVC plastic wrap brands, 15 have problems. Almost all the Giants in the plastic wrap industry have fallen, exceeding the detection line by more than 200 times on average. Such data is really shocking.

toxic plastic wrap is parasitic on the collapse of industrial order. It is understood that DOA, not DEHA, is allowed to be added to PVC plastic wrap. In order to save costs and increase profits, some companies hang sheep and sell dog meat, and DEHA is labeled with DOA. The practice of falsely marking ingredients has become a hidden rule in the industry. This also means that under the impulse of profit, the PVC plastic wrap production industry has lost its moral blood and legal bottom line.

although as early as 2005, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, inspection and quarantine particularly emphasized that enterprises are prohibited from using plasticizer DEHA to produce food preservative film, but it is ineffective. Eight years have passed, toxic Plastic Wrap has intensified.

there are thick rules, but there are no supporting rules. The law is not enough for itself'The argument is attributed to the implementation of omissions. Take the toxic plastic wrap incident, if the national standard is sound and the supervision is sensitive, the toxic plastic wrap can still'Morbid reproduction'Disorderly spread?

now,'Media exposure'Set off'Plastic wrap'The cover of the head. The corresponding special rectification is also expected to begin. However, the sluggish supervision, after all, can not escape the inertia question: this time, why did the supervision run behind the media? If the implementation is weak and the regulations are empty, the public security defense line will easily fall. Toxic plastic wrap is just a new footnote for regulatory passivation.

at present, the implementation standards marked on PVC plastic wrap are different, so far, no corresponding national standards can be found. To some extent, this is also a regulation. 'Beyond the Reach'Bury the foreshadowing. In the context of toxic plastic wrap everywhere, the lack of normalization and irregular spot checks is also difficult to blame: in the real context, seamless supervision is indeed difficult, but supervision can not always be in a dormant state?

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