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Talking about the production process of hard PVC transparent packaging film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-19


production process of rigid PVC transparent packaging film:

(1)Production process.

hard pvc transparent packaging film generally adopts extrusion blow molding process, and the main process conditions are introduced as follows.

① kneading ingredients. After accurately weighing PVC resin and other additives according to the formula, put them into a high-speed kneader with a kneading time of 5 ~ 8 rain, the temperature is about 102 ℃, the material is kneaded and put into the cooler for cooling, and the material temperature drops to 40 ~ The storage tank can be placed below 50 °c for later use.

② extrude and blow the film. Direct blow molding using powder is similar to ordinary blow film. Extrusion temperature: fuselage 160 ~ 180 ℃, machine neck 180- 190 °c, head 190-At 210 ℃, the blowing ratio of the film is (2-3) : 1, traction speed 10 ~ 30 m/min.

③ rotate and take up. In order to make the surface of the film roll flat, the uneven thickness of the film is changed into an average distribution, so the film is rotated and taken after the film is cut.

(2)Production process.

The production process of hard PVC packaging film is as follows.

various raw materials & rarr; Kneading & rarr; Cold mixing & rarr; Extrusion Blow Molding & rarr; PVc cellophane base film & rarr; Antistatic, heat sealing coating treatment & rarr; Slitting & rarr; Inspection & rarr; Packaging & rarr; Finished product

The Process Flow adopts powder direct extrusion blow molding, and after being made into cellophane base film, it can also be directly used as a product without antistatic and heat sealing coating treatment.

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