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Talking about the prepress manufacturing process of pvc shrink film label

by:LINYANG     2020-01-20


pvc shrink film label has strong adaptability and can be decorated with plastic, wood, paper, metal, glass, ceramic and other packaging containers, and widely used in beer and beverage, medicine and health care, daily chemical products, leisure food, stationery and other fields. Therefore, no matter which printing method is used for printing, the horizontal and vertical shrinkage of the material and the allowable deformation errors in all directions of the contracted decorative picture and text should be considered before the design of the surface pattern, in order to ensure the accurate restoration of patterns, characters and bar codes contracted to the container.

Talking about the prepress manufacturing process of pvc shrink film label

1. The direction of the pattern no matter the shrink film adopts intaglio printing or flexo printing, its printing is mainly in-print, the pattern direction relative to the printing plate should be positive. Now there is also a shrink film for surface printing. In case of this situation, the pattern direction on the printing plate should be reversed.

2. The level of the pattern is limited by the shortcomings of flexographic printing. If the shrink film is flexographic, the level of the image should not be too delicate, the use of gravure printing can require a richer level of image.

3. The lateral shrinkage rate of the shrink film material designed for printing is 50% ~ 52% and 60% ~ 62%, can reach 90% under special circumstances, longitudinal shrinkage is required to be 6% ~ 8%. However, when the film shrinks instantaneously, due to the limitation of the container, the horizontal and vertical dimensions cannot shrink completely. In order to ensure the accurate reduction of the contracted patterns, characters and bar codes, the appearance of the container must be considered, calculate the correct size and deformation rate according to the actual situation. For pvc shrink film labels that need to turn the sheet film into a cylindrical shape and use an adhesive to seal the overlapping parts together, it should be noted that no pictures and texts are generally designed at the sealing parts, so as not to affect the bonding fastness.

4. The bar code is usually placed in the same direction as the printing direction, otherwise the bar code lines will be distorted, thus affecting the scanning results, causing misreading. In addition, the color selection of label products should be mainly spot colors as much as possible, and the production of white version is necessary, which can be made into full version or hollowed out according to the actual situation. The color of the bar code should follow the conventional requirements, that is, the color matching of the bar and the empty color should conform to the principle of bar code color matching. Generally, the film thickness for making pvc shrink film labels should be 30 microns- 70 microns, 50 microns, 45 microns, 40 microns are more commonly used, depending on the labeling performance on the labeling equipment. In addition, since shrink film is very sensitive to heat, high temperature must be avoided during storage, printing and transportation.

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