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Talking about the difference between automobile explosion-proof membrane and safety membrane

by:LINYANG     2020-01-19


at present, there are various brands of automobile film in the market, and the varieties of automobile film materials are also rich and varied. What is easier to confuse is the difference between explosion-proof film and safety film. How to judge a high-quality automobile explosion-proof membrane with good impact resistance is of vital importance.

Talking about the difference between automobile explosion-proof membrane and safety membrane

First of all, from the structure and thickness of the material, the thickness of the safety membrane is 100-175 microns (About 4-7mil)Between; The automobile explosion-proof film is a multi-layer polyester composite film laminated by a special process with a thickness of 250 microns (About 10mil)Above. Thickness is a hard index to distinguish safety film from safety film.

Secondly, compared with the protection concept, the design of the safety film can prevent or reduce the personal injury caused by accidental glass breakage, it can only simply prevent glass splash caused by glass self-explosion, and the protection level is low. The design of the explosion-proof membrane can absorb the explosion shock wave and resist the impact of strong energy. The combination of high-end explosion-proof membrane and glass can even reach the bulletproof level, its protective function covers the safety film effect and reaches the level of safety and explosion prevention.

Third, there are obvious differences in the implementation standards between safety membrane and explosion-proof membrane. The standard that the safety film can generally reach is based on preventing glass breakage, and most of these standards are to prevent'Broken Glass' For example, the safety film is to prevent the window glass from being broken when it is impacted by lower energy; If the glass is broken, its fragments still need to adhere to the safety film in a large area to prevent secondary damage caused by glass falling off. The detection standard of explosion-proof membrane is based on prevention of penetration. When the glass is hit, the glass can be broken, but the explosion-proof glass film cannot be penetrated.

through the above three aspects of discrimination, explosion-proof membrane and safety membrane can be clearly distinguished.

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