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Talking about the characteristics of PVC film

by:LINYANG     2020-06-26
If it comes to most of the current products, many products are produced by surface treatment in advance. The reason why the surface treatment is required is mainly because the current surface treatment technology is relatively mature, and the products that can be produced after the surface treatment are more shiny. This is the value of this surface treatment, and when it comes to surface treatment, it is necessary to say the coating, which is currently a more mainstream surface treatment method. Among them, a kind of PVC film is also used, which is a relatively common film and also has a certain corrosion resistance. It is a popular type of coating materials at present, and PVC has many characteristics, not only having corrosion resistance Characteristics, it also has transparency and a certain viscosity, so as a film cover is still very meaningful. ????If the current PVC film has appeared in life, the plastic wrap is the main one. This is the daily necessities used in the form of plastic film. In addition, the main components of the plastic film or pvc transparent film are included in the mobile phone film and the car cover film.
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