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Talking about the characteristics of heat shrink packaging and stretch packaging

by:LINYANG     2020-01-19


Heat Shrinkable packaging can be widely and rapidly developed, mainly because it has many high-quality characteristics.

① can package special-shaped goods that are difficult to package by general methods, such as vegetables, fruits, fish, toys, gadgets, etc.

② shrink films are generally transparent. After thermal shrinkage, they are tightly attached to commodities and can fully display the appearance of commodities. As the shrinkage is relatively uniform, moreover, the material has certain toughness and the edges and corners are not easy to tear.

③ Using the nature of shrinkage, scattered commodities can be conveniently packaged together, such as several cans, several audio tapes, sometimes the carton can be omitted with the help of a shallow box.

④ it can prolong the shelf life of food and is suitable for food preservation and low temperature storage. Preventing excessive drying of frozen food provides convenience for supermarkets and retailers.

⑤ sealed, moisture-proof and pollution-proof, can be stacked in the open air to save warehouse area, such as cement, fertilizer and other collective packaging, which is firm and convenient.

⑥ the packaging process and equipment are simple, versatile, easy to realize mechanization, save labor and packaging costs, and can partially replace corrugated boxes and wooden cases, etc.

⑦ shrink packaging not only fastens the packaged goods together, but also the film itself has cushioning and toughness. It can prevent goods from being damaged due to vibration and impact during transportation.

⑧ for commodities with large volume, the on-site shrink packaging method can be adopted, and the process and equipment are very simple. Such as packaging rowing boats and cars.

⑨ shrink packaging is not as fast and convenient as packing, packing, bagging and wrapping for goods with regular particles, powders or shapes.

However, shrink packaging requires a heat shrink channel, which consumes a lot of energy, occupies a large investment and workshop area, and it is difficult to realize continuous and high-speed production.

Many characteristics of stretch packaging are similar to shrink packaging. Because stretch packaging comes from shrink packaging, because of this, stretch packaging has many advantages that shrink packaging does not have.

① because there is no need for Heat Shrinkable equipment, equipment investment, energy and equipment maintenance costs are saved.

② because it is not heated, it is very suitable for packaging products that are afraid of heat, such as fresh meat, vegetables and frozen foods.

③ the wrapping force can be accurately controlled to prevent the product from being crushed.

④ The film is transparent. You can see the goods for easy purchase and inventory. It can prevent theft, fire, impact and vibration.

⑤ moisture resistance is worse than shrink packaging. A piece of film needs to be added to the top of the goods accumulated in the transport packaging, which makes the operation inconvenient.

⑥ because the stretch film has self-adhesion, when many packages are piled together, they will be damaged due to adhesion during transportation.

Therefore, Heat Shrinkable packaging and stretch packaging have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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