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Talking about the casting of pvc winding film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-20


pvc winding film is a special winding film, it is often used to wrap wires and cables, various finishing rollers, mechanical equipment, hardware fittings, rubber pipes, steel pipes, furniture, building decoration materials, travel sports shoes, non-woven fabrics and other special-shaped product packaging. Pvc winding film has good casting.

cast PVC winding film is a process PVC film. The product is not affected by seasonal factors, has small ductility, and always maintains stable thickness, viscosity and pulling force.

Scope of Application:

It is suitable for winding or bedding packaging of regular valuables such as all kinds of wires, aluminum-plastic pipes, aluminum alloys, doors and windows, steel pipes, export pipe fittings, high-quality water pipes, etc.

The evaluation criteria of high-quality cast PVC wrapping film:

1. High transparency and no crystal spots.

2. Uniform thickness and tight winding.

3. Small ductility.

4. Non-sticky edges and stable performance.

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