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Talking about the advantages of stretch film packaging

by:LINYANG     2020-01-19


compared with the old packaging method, stretch film packaging has many advantages, the following instructions are obtained from investigations conducted by some companies that use stretch film packaging technology, the actual benefits will depend on the special environmental products,

① pre-stretched film packaging will produce an attractive packaging body.

2 because the stretch film is very easy to use, the productivity will be greatly improved.

③ because the cost of film used to package each item is lower than that of any other packaging materials. Therefore, the packaging cost will be greatly reduced.

④ stretch film packaging will reduce the consumption of packaging materials, thus reducing the consumption of resources.

⑤ the inventory of packaging materials will be reduced. For films, one size is suitable for various products. Large quantities of packaging material inventory (Cartons and paper bags of different sizes)Will be eliminated.

⑥ film packaging will provide special protection, such as dust prevention, moisture prevention, friction prevention, etc. , and can safely wrap the product.

⑦ The stretch film is not easy to wear and stick to the product, so the surface of the product will not be worn.

⑧ because the stretch film has good transparency, it is easier to identify the packaged goods during transportation without wrong transportation.

⑨ pre-stretched film packaging reduces the waste of packaging materials and can be recycled.

⑩ pre-stretched film packaging is not as loose and bulky as most other packaging materials. At the same time, a compact package is formed, which takes up less space and thus improves transportation efficiency.

Table 3- 1 is the comparison of the characteristics of stretch packaging and other packaging.

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