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Talking about multilayer flat Press and polyvinyl chloride film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-19


polyvinyl chloride film (Mainly soft film)Embossing can be performed on a multi-layer flat Press.

The pattern of soft polyvinyl chloride film embossed on the flat press is very uniform and has good heat setting property, because the pattern is formed in a thermoplastic state. The film can obtain a surface with high brightness on a flat Press.

Talking about the multi-layer flat Press and polyvinyl chloride film

This operation method takes a long time, requires large-sized equipment, and has strong thermal effect on the film, cannot be continuously embossed.

cold-resistant transparent windows are mostly made by flat pressing with soft polyvinyl chloride film. This kind of transparency briefly requires good transparency, which can only be obtained by a flat Press. On the flat rice press, the surface of the film will not only be calendered or patterned, but also eliminate the thickness difference, defect position and internal stress of the original film. Streaks, fisheyes, roll marks, etc. appearing in calendering and extrusion inches will be eliminated during Flat pressing. If these defects are not eliminated, transparency will also be affected. The film treated by the press is isotropic, I . e. the performance does not vary with different directions.

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