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Take you understand toughened glass film development

by:LINYANG     2020-03-15
This two years, the mobile phone protective film development is fast, especially the emergence of toughened glass film, let a person shine at the moment! There are such a hard protective film. — — But do you know about mobile phone protective film is toughened glass? Listen to small make up carefully speaking, tempered glass protective film products supply is the main European markets, also 13 years began to spread rapidly in our country, formed a huge industrial chain. Although toughened glass protective film is a new type of mobile phone protective film, but a lot of manufacturers, according to incomplete statistics of domestic currently has nearly hundred in the production of toughened glass membrane manufacturers, mainly in guangdong, and growing. A senior mobile phone friends, he is the first time contact with toughened glass membrane, should be the first batch of users. When products are referred to as the 'rhino' explosion-proof membrane, it can protect the screen, but is very easily scratched. Later it was found that only the glass is the most appropriate choice, but 0. 7 mm thickness is daunting, and you know the general PET material mobile phone screen protective film, using layer is only 0. But at best a 0 06 mm, add glue layer. 15 mm, the film thickness is higher than the PET film is almost an order of magnitude. And it was no arc edge, only straight, first feeling is heavy and thick. I feel at that time, with the iPhone 4, there are at least a third the weight of the mobile phone, the poster after feeling is more than a piece of screen, but amazingly still touch sensitive, and penetrability is better than the ordinary film. Shortcomings appeared later, when the phone fever, there will be a part of touch failure phenomenon, and then just cracked ( Actually I also is in and see if it is really toughened glass) , when the glass membrane structure has four layers, remove the peel layer, by the above plating coating, toughened glass and toughened glass and special ab double-sided adhesive composition, including ab double-sided adhesive is a side on the basis of the pet is silicone acrylic glue, silica gel, This should be the main function is automatic exhaust) Joint at mobile phone screen, acrylic adhesive joint toughening glass. This structure is the best solution under the lowest cost. Optical protective film until April 2013, the second generation product finally came out, this is 0. 4 mm glass membrane, narrowed the 0. 3 mm thickness, arc and Angle of two types, price about $10. Started feeling really good, may be because it is 0. The shadow of the 7 mm, minimum weight than 0. 7 mm light is much, this is the best innovation, get started feeling good, for the first time I post are radians, some cutting edge of hand, after smashing, found not the same, not as before flying glass, only a tiny residue, I think ab layer may also use the new material. Second generation products have some problems, such as easily scratched and so on, but with iterative update technology, glass membrane is also gradually mature now market began to 0. 2 mm, and continue to popularize 0. 3 mm, toughened glass membrane cavity is less expensive, the most expensive technology has been overcome, including choosing coating and plating technology, the so-called 9 h hardness large part is the plating coating protection, if the coating is damaged, the oil pollution prevention and scratch-resistant properties will be collapse. ( Here need to remind you is: tempered glass film packaging is usually attached to a piece of alcohol or clean damp cloth. Is posted before as far as possible in the original screen wipe once is ok, don't of toughened glass membrane is wiped, alcohol may have eroded electroplating. ) Question, so what kind of friends only need to use toughened glass sticker? 1, love in mobile phone and use after a period of time when used to sell friends, because the screen for second-hand price you understand; 2, easy to fall off mobile phone; 3, dare to eat the first crab, for the pursuit of new products, a new try; 4, want to get rid of ordinary film dry feeling; 5, there is demand for the problem of fingerprints on the screen, because good tempered glass membrane has a characteristic is a wipe clean; 6, for the sake of toughened glass membrane radian experience. Rapid development of protective film over the past two years, with the rapid progress in tempered glass lamination, small make up here, just some experience experience so far, for everyone to do a reference, the technology has a great development in the future, we further discuss again!
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