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T-head method for pvc film process

by:LINYANG     2020-02-14


T-head method is also called flat film forming method or extrusion casting method, it uses an extruder to extrude the plastic melt from the slit of the T-shaped die, and directly enters the water for cooling. The width of the film is determined by the size of the extrusion head, the thickness of the film is determined by adjusting the traction speed in the forward direction of the film, and the product is flat. The advantage of T-shaped nose method is that the thickness accuracy of the film is higher than that of extrusion blow molding method, and the transparency of the film is good, but the width of the film produced is small, with a maximum of about 2 m. T-head method is commonly used in the production of PP and PET Films. It is customary for cast films to crown a C letter in front of the resin, such as CPP and CPET.
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