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Supermarket shopping bags have a big price increase, is high-priced plastic bags feasible?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-11

March 5

from March 1 this year, Yongwang (Originally called Jia shike) Supermarkets fully use new shopping bags, of which the price of large plastic bags is up to 1. 6 yuan per execution, medium bag for each 1. 1 yuan, small bag for each 0. 6 yuan. For the reason for the price increase, the supermarket said in the prompt that it is to encourage customers to use their own shopping bags.

originally, because of urgent need, many consumers bought a few cents of shopping bags and bought them. It really played a role after it rose to more than 1 yuan. During the interview, the reporter met such a female consumer in the supermarket. She bought a total of about 67 yuan. 'Do you want a shopping bag? 'The salesperson asked,'Let's have one. ''Now medium 1. One for 1 yuan. 'The salesperson immediately reminded. After listening to the price, the customer immediately played a retreat. 'Why is it so expensive? 'Finally, she left the supermarket directly with the goods.

Although high-priced supermarket shopping bags have appeared in the island city, they have not spread out yet. The reporter also visited the supermarkets that many people often go to, such as RT-Mart, Carrefour, and Liqun. The price of shopping bags in these places is still the same as the original price. 3 yuan, 0. 2 yuan, 0. 1 yuan. ' We have been selling at this price and have not heard of any price increase notice recently. ' The staff of Carrefour Xinxing store in Shibei District said this.

at the same time, the reporter also found that there were different voices among the consumer population when the price of plastic bags in supermarkets rose. Ms. Xu, a consumer who lives near Qingjiang Road, said that one more high-priced bag in 1 Yuan has indeed touched the bottom line of his consumption psychology, but from the perspective of environmental protection, the business practices are understandable. ' This also gives me a long memory. If there is nothing in the car, I will save a few bags for spare, which will save money and protect the environment. ' Ms. Li, who just got married this year, said that such a high price has indeed passed. ' At ordinary times, no one can guarantee that their bags will be packed exactly. Besides, no one may have an urgent matter to go shopping at ordinary times. It is a bit unfair to do so. '

In the interview, many consumers also asked for a simple plastic bag with a maximum price of 1. The charging standard of 6 yuan has been questioned. Is this unreasonable? As a supermarket, can you raise prices at will? In this regard, on the afternoon of the 3rd, the reporter also called the price supervision report of the Municipal Price Bureau for consultation.

on the phone, the other party first asked the reporter whether the other party had informed the service before selling the shopping bag, after confirming this point, the staff said that the price of plastic bags in Qingdao supermarkets is different from the price of refined oil products. It is not within the scope of government-priced commodities and can be decided by the stores themselves, implement the market pricing principle, as long as the merchant has clearly marked the price and informed the service, it does not involve illegal activities.

consumers have many doubts about high-priced plastic bags, but high-priced plastic bags do play a certain role in plastic restriction. It can only be said that high-priced plastic bags still need to be supervised by relevant departments. Should they be limited to high prices?

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