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Sun room heat insulation film thermal insulation effect obvious rave reviews

by:LINYANG     2020-01-10


' The cooling effect is very good, and now there is no need to pull the curtains during the day. ' Ms. Li from Gulou district told the reporter that at the beginning, she only had a try and installed the heat insulation film of the Sunshine Room. I did not expect that not only the light transmission was good, but the cooling effect was also very good. Computers and televisions close to the Sunshine Room are no longer dazzling and become very clear, but the sight outside the Sunshine Room becomes clearer.

The ultraviolet blocking rate of the heat insulation film in the Sunshine Room is 99%, which can effectively protect your skin and prevent home fading. Effectively protect privacy. After pasting, you can't see the inside outside, but the inside is clearer and more comfortable, and your vision will look farther. The warranty period is 5 years and the service life is more than 10 years. Since the introduction of the heat insulation film, the feedback effect has been very good and received rave reviews.

The heat insulation film of the Sunshine Room can block up to 89% of the solar heat energy in summer, keep the room in a cool environment, save air conditioning electricity, make the room warm in winter and cool in summer, and prevent explosion and ultraviolet rays, A layer of film, multiple protection.

jinshiwei is also the only brand promoted in the whole province among the heat insulation and explosion-proof membrane products of the construction department of Jiangsu province. The heat insulation and explosion-proof membrane of the Sunshine Room has a heat insulation rate of up to 89%, which greatly saves the household air conditioning electricity bill, greatly improve the comfort of the human body. Winter also has the function of heat preservation.

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