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Strolling On The Water

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

In the hot summer, would you want to be in the water? Swimming may be a good choice. But the summer season is long. Just swimming would be boring. Would you want to stroll on the water? The yellow inflatable sport may meet your demands.

The yellow inflatable sport, which number is GW103 is of 2 meters diameter. Its capacity is two adults. It consists of two inflatable circles which are linked by several cross bars. Players can have a strolling on the water by standing on the cross bars. If you can control your balance very nice, you can keep your body dry. If not, your trousers may get wet.

The yellow inflatable sport is made up by the 0.9mm PLATO PVC tarpaulin. It is of high tear strength, so you don't have to worry it would broken when you are strolling on the river. It is also of puncture-resistant which can make it last for long time. Even though, in order to keep the quality and safety, you should not let the yellow inflatable sport touch the sharp things like the branches.

When the yellow inflatable sport is inflated, players can get into the circle and have a strolling on the water. Since the strolling is on several cross bars, this kind of water roller is more challenge than others. But you don't have to worry about you would get through wet. We design the suitable gap, so that you won't get into the water wholly. Besides, there are protecting belts in each circle. It can protect you from dropping into the water.

For players' safe, we do reinforce on every details. We sew firmly at the connections between the cross bars and the circles. And for the protecting belt, we reinforce in belts in the center. The edges are sewing inside and firmly. All of these is not only consider of the quality, but also the safety.

Summer is hot and sunny. The yellow inflatable sport is unavoidable to be used under the sunshine which is of high ultraviolet radiation. Don't worry. The tarpaulin is of excellent UV-resistant. You can enjoy the strolling in the sunny days.

For some inflatable products, it will look old. However, we use the nice lacquer to print in the tarpaulin. It is fade proof. The color is not easy to fade out if you use it proper.

This kind of water roller is not as stimulative as other water games, but it is really a nice leisure games in the summer.

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