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Stretch film manufacturer how products should meet the quality requirements

by:LINYANG     2020-03-13
Stretch film as one of the biggest packaging material consumption in the world, with its good tensile properties, by the vast majority of the praise of product packaging and transportation industry, with the expanding of market capacity, and the rising number stretch film manufacturer, competitive intensification, stretch film manufacturer production of stretch film should be how to meet the quality requirements, can only be in an impregnable position in the stream of status? Transparent stretch film shall meet the quality requirements. First, no black impurities, die to be washed clean, cannot have burnt plastic fall into, if can find must immediately to clear to the naked eye. Second, the paper tube must be aligned, not a short while longer. Each side white standard is 1 centimeter or so. Third, packing, pay attention to protect edges don't collision phenomenon lead to rupture caused by quality problems. ( As long as there is a little crack, can lead to a pull when customers use the wrap film will break phenomenon, it is also a common customer reflect problems) There can be no raw edges. Fourth, to minimize the surface fold on both ends and the middle of the white compression lines ( This will seriously affect the aesthetic) 。 Fifth, the broken edge material to be cut neatly, if cut jagged uneven can't ship as a finished product. Including cargo when both ends must be neat, not this much less over there. Stretch film manufacturer production of raw materials can't literally can break, or completely lost the use value, the better the tensile properties of stretch film, the province material, package, the better, the lower the use cost.
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