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Stretch film color matching process

by:LINYANG     2020-03-13
Stretch film one of color matching is an important part of the color, the color choice is preliminarily formula design, and then adjust the preliminary formula, suitable for mass production, and ensure uniform plastic color consistency. 1. 1 stretch film preliminary formula design of stretch film according to the requirement of the plastic products overall design, and find out the standard color sheet similar samples as a reference. Reference to select proper or not, is directly related to shading effect is good or bad. To find the better color reference, should accumulate more at ordinary times, the preparation of more colored plastic color board or plastic pigment for reference, at the same time should also be their colors experiences and lessons into the corresponding color formula, for your reference. Stretch film in the, in the absence of any reference analysis should be carefully observed plastic products ( Sample) The color of light, color and brightness, etc. , to determine the color attribute, used to determine the color is transparent color, whether or not transparent color, which contains other special pigments ( Such as fluorescent paint, metal paint, etc. ) And then according to the munsell color system color. Or required color according to the theory of munsell color system design, and to formulate preliminary formula. 1. 2 stretch film adjust the formula according to the preliminary formula for physical staining test, will produce color samples with the standard color sample comparison, with reference to further adjust the color formula. Then according to the adjusted formulation and preparation of samples. Stretch film to adjust the formula, so repeatedly, until the sample color the same as the standard color sample or reach the closest standard color sample of the satisfactory level. Finally determine the coloring formula for production. However the selected color usually presented with the actual production of plastic products is not the same color and the cause of these differences are largely color weighing error. So how to make the color accurately? How to make the color consistent in continuous production? Based on the chosen of the stretch film color accurately yan ( Dye) Material, on the basis of yan ( Dye) Material selection based on the understanding of the products are up to effect and on the observation of the sample, understand and observe the sample depends on the color people's experience and skills. There are many units use instrument match colors, but there are some units still adopt the method of artificial visual color matching. Artificial visual color matching method is simple, but it requires the visual inspection personnel have rich experience. Two objects in the same light source, Like the sun) Look down, its color may be different. Also, for an observer, the color of the two objects may be exactly the same; And for another observer, and may not be the same. That two objects is the condition such as color or call wait for color to, there are also called condition variable color color body or body. If required under any light source, two objects look all the same, means that the two objects spectral reflection curve must be the same. This color is called unconditional color or color changing color. Immutable color requirement in color matching samples using the same coloring. If you want to turn the color of the plastic to immutable color matching degree is impossible. There are many reasons for this, for example, the same kind of pigment dispersion each are not identical in different plastic; In a plastic, sometimes the need for decolorization or toning, to remove other colors in the original plastic; In another type of plastic, this adjustment may be required. To understand the situation, we accomplish know fairly well, in the process of the actual color is not to pursue the immutable match colors. Now that we are match the color of all variable color, so we the conditions which shall prevail? This is about to specific problem specific analysis, principle is try to simulate product end-use environment to observe the color. Such as product is ultimately used outdoors, so when the color selection should also be in natural light.
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