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Stone surface protective film marble artificial stone protective film

by:LINYANG     2019-12-23

stone surface protective film

Today's contractors, homeowners and decoration companies have different uses in stone carving, marble, stone sheet and Stone taste. The kitchen is equipped with granite or solid surface counters. Large buildings are assembled with limestone, ceramic or marble sheets. The front desk of the enterprise usually inlays the logo of the company on the customized stone floor or background wall. Ensuring the lowest profit these are advanced details for end users, but they can be a headache for suppliers. In the process of transportation and final polishing, the finished stone products with scratches or cracks will be sent to the customers, which will cause the contractors or designers to get into trouble. Even after the installation is completed, a beautiful finished stone product will be damaged by a dropped hammer or heavy box, or excessive spraying by a hurried painter. The following circumstances may damage the finished stone product. Engraving, slicing, molding, calibration, polishing, etching, installation, delivery, processing, storage, placement, etc. When carving stone, even the next small one will have a great impact on your profits. Repair, replacement or reinstallation is expensive and time-consuming, and the reputation is also damaged. The protective film on the stone surface can prevent such tiny but costly defects and can be used after the stone manufacturing process, transportation and on-site installation. When everything is ready to be delivered to customers, the protective film on the stone surface can quickly glass, leaving only a clean and flawless stone surface.

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