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State provisions on tarpaulins and instructions _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-03-30
State provisions on tarpaulins and that the quality of the article 1 tent by the property right is a unit, it is necessary to fit the ministry about the specification or skills. Railway bureau and the company should strengthen the supervision of tarpaulins and tarpaulins repair quality check. Article 2 the shipper with own tent should be a written request to install the station, sent to the ministry of railways transport bureau, step by step fit requirements, and produce tarpaulins unit purchase and sale contract signed between the shipper. Article 3 new tarpaulins road before use, should be recognized by the national skills supervision and part of the commodity inspection organization of sampling observation of quality, qualified rear can put into use. Inspection organization is necessary as the quality of new commodity inspection. Article 4 the tarpaulin number issued by the ministry of railways. Railway tarpaulins choose seven Numbers, 1 is the tent in the year of the use and after six is the serial number. Choose nine Numbers self-provided tarpaulins, four is the tent before the years of use, after five is a serial number. Article 5 the company may entrust the railway repair railway tarpaulins, and on the need of the railway tarpaulin USES to build tarpaulins repair, tarpaulins repair planning by negotiation with railway bureau decided by the company. Article 6 railway tarpaulins by scheduling command button, should repair, to the nearest railway across the board back to send to tent, with the approval of the ministry of railways tarpaulin scheduling is necessary. Article 7 the railway administration and is entrusted by the company shall strengthen the tarpaulin repair processing. Tarpaulins to repair all the necessary to establish and perfect quality assurance, safety production, statistical analysis and repair quality review, inspection and other processing system, ensure the quality of railway tarpaulins to repair. Article 8 self-provided tarpaulins repair by the property right is a unit, should strictly fulfill the tarpaulins specification for repair, ensure the quality of self-provided tarpaulins to repair. Article 9 a stern railroad tent should be posted 'tarpaulins repair certificate' ( Annex 8) And according to the number of sheets, number and the station. Station found quality problems, banning applied on the road, and in a timely manner to the company and railway administration, the company shall be investigated for responsibility. Article 10 the tarpaulin tentative use fixed number of year for three years. Using the full three years or less than three years but the patch area of 40% or repair of 200 in tarpaulins, it is necessary. Article 11 railway tarpaulins invalid before, the company shall promptly make up the new tarpaulins, transport demand to satisfied with. Before each batch tarpaulins invalid, the company to the ministry of railways invalid request, performed by the ministry of railways power generation. Article 12 the ministry of railways has not released the numbered tarpaulin or tarpaulins to invalid fixed number of year, with invalid conditions shall not be used on the road. Linyi tarpaulin factory at http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/tarpaulin, tarpaulin factory phone: /
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