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Standard for judging the quality of inflatable tents

by:LINYANG     2020-05-31
The inflatable tent is mainly composed of a sealing column and a waterproof tarpaulin. Many friends will pay too much attention to the price of the tent and ignore the quality, but the tarp is very important for the tent. Pay attention to the quality of the tarpaulin. How to judge the quality of the tarpaulin outside the tent? 1. The tarpaulins of inflatable tents with tensile and tear strength must be able to withstand various tensions during use. For example, the tarpaulin must be tightened when fixed, and the use process is easily affected by various additional forces such as wind, rain, and snow. This requires oilcloth production. After pre-tensioning, only high-strength tensile and tearing strength can make the tarpaulin unaffected, and ensure the safe and normal use outside the tent! 2. Waterproof and shading inflatable tents can be an indispensable element in outdoor activities to a large extent, because tents can protect outdoor activities from weather, which requires tent canvas to have better waterproof, sunscreen, and shading performance. To adapt to outdoor sun and rain, sunscreen can provide a comfortable tent space indoors! The size and style of the inflatable tent First, determine the size and style of the tent according to your budget. There are many options for the layout of the tent. Decorate the tent according to the tent you ordered. 4. There are enough lights when the wedding is held in the tent, you may feel a little dim. At this time, some soft light is needed to provide warmth. Of course, you can also consider flashing lights, neon lights and other bright lights, all of which can cause a warm and romantic atmosphere.
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