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Specular surface film why preferred using electrostatic protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-02-28
Electrostatic protective film, believe a lot of people, as our daily use of TV, computer, many are posted on electrostatic protective film, so whether you need specular surface film using electrostatic protective film, that actually everybody is not particularly clear, tender young Himore small make up to you to answer. We usually use electrostatic protective film has two kinds, one kind is adhesive, one kind is not adhesive, adhesive electrostatic protective film because of electrostatic protective film coated with a layer of glue, positive make the electrostatic protective film when use better stick on the surface of the protected objects, under normal circumstances, the highlights on the surface of the item will generally use this with a certain viscosity of electrostatic protective film, because it can guarantee the electrostatic protective film to stick on the surface objects, not easily fell off, for those items using electrostatic electrostatic protective film on the surface of the specular highlights is a safety of choice, residual glue, it will not damage highlights on the surface of the consequences. Specular surface choose electrostatic electrostatic protective film what good? In addition to the above said avoid glue that affect specular products well beautiful, there are two points, easy tear stick, highlights on the surface of the product with extremely affinity adsorption of electrostatic membrane, electrostatic protective film can glue without glue, this not only achieved the environmental effect, but also save the cost, if you want to tear off the electrostatic protective film is also very convenient, will not affect specular surface smoothness; Secondly, electrostatic film can also do a variety of choices, electrostatic membrane against its use effect, the market now developed fog sand, ordinary transparent, high transparency and super transparent and so on several levels of electrostatic membrane, greatly satisfy the operating requirements of various manufacturers, and uh, adsorption strength of electrostatic membrane made a definition.
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