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Special printing PVC plastic

by:LINYANG     2020-03-17
Some customers are looking for the specially used for printing film sheet, but for film material always beside the point, a few days ago, a professional printing company in the search for the film, because there is no clear understanding of its use, and use the light of PET film, the results showed that ink not seal up, thus caused the loss of material and cost. A plain film co. , LTD. , professional teacher tell customers, a kind of special printing PVC plastic sheet is very suitable for him, after the test, obtained the very good effect, and PVC plastic sheet is lower relative to the cost of PET film. PVC film has good formability, mechanical performance, good dimensional stability at high temperature and high flame retardant grade, high transparency, easy to printing. PVC film can be printed the following products: chemical tag, tires, specification, panels, Ming edition, elevator conductive cloth, conductive foam, dust-proof net, dust cloth, catalogue, EVA foam, insulation slices, electronic communications labels, digital home appliance and sallowness, window panels, battery label, acrylic lens, conductive adhesive tape and barcode printing, UL labels, fragile warranty label, metal nameplate, laser labels, electroforming inscription version, acrylic Windows, aluminum alloy nameplate, PC version, mirror silver Windows, the mobile castings, aluminum version, magazine printing, carton, etc all kinds of printed matter. In addition to the professional printing, PVC plastic insulation applications in a variety of electronic products is very broad, composed of PVC plastic processing of PVC sheet, PVC floor MATS, washer sales in the market is also very good!
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