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Special pressure sensitive protective film for plastic profiles

by:LINYANG     2020-02-01


pressure-sensitive protective film refers to a layer of transparent plastic film pasted on the surface of precision mechanical and electronic equipment. The surface of the plastic film is coated with a layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive with weak adhesion, its main function is to prevent the protected materials from being scratched and polluted during manufacturing, handling, storage and secondary processing. The product has diversified varieties and different performances, and has broad market prospects. Pvc plastic door and window profiles have been widely recognized by the market in China for their excellent performance, beautiful appearance and moderate price. However, in the process of extrusion processing, door and window assembly welding, transportation, storage and construction of plastic door and window profiles, due to many intermediate links, long service life and exposure to the open air, it is easily scratched and faded by machinery. Especially in the process of construction, welding sparks and cement are easy to splash on the surface of plastic doors and windows, which is extremely difficult to remove. The hard scraping of the traditional method results in damage to the surface of plastic doors and windows, destruction of the beautiful appearance, and a bad impression on users. On the other hand, due to the long construction period, plastic doors and windows are exposed outdoors for a long time, which is easy to fade and darken, giving users a sense of stale. Therefore, a new type of pressure-sensitive protective film specially used for plastic profiles came into being. The protective film takes into account the characteristics of PVC materials and the long service life of doors and windows processing, the initial viscosity, easy peeling and weather resistance of the pressure sensitive adhesive are improved. The special pressure-sensitive protective film for plastic profiles based on black-and-white co-extruded polyethylene film has better performance than the profile protective film based on milky white polyethylene film, transparent polyethylene film and BOPP Film. With the following characteristics, the protective film has good initial adhesion and is easy to attach; Special materials are used to control the rapid adhesion of pressure-sensitive adhesive to the surface of PVC profile, thus easy peeling; Adding antioxidant to slow down the aging speed of pressure sensitive adhesive and ensure that pressure sensitive adhesive will not degumming due to structural damage within the shelf life; Special anchoring technology is adopted to improve the bonding fastness of pressure sensitive adhesive and base material, so as to ensure that degumming will not be caused by Interface damage within the shelf life; Pressure-sensitive adhesives are all made of materials that are inert to PVC profiles to avoid affinity reaction and corrosion with PVC profiles; After a large number of scientific tests such as thermal aging, radiation aging, wet aging and natural storage tests, the weather resistance is better and it is easy to meet the characteristics of long manufacturing, processing and installation cycles.

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