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Special Monkey Slide

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

Monkeys are impressive. They are naughty, funny, and lovely and most of people love it. This kind of inflatable monkey slide does not only print with monkey, it's also funny as the monkey. It is a wave slide which is different from the common one.

It is of two waves. When sliding from the top, players can rush to the first wave, and it can stop the players for a while. Then, the inertia will push you to leave the first wave, and drop to the second wave. The second wave can help players to keep their balance and finish the exciting slither. There is a climbing wall help the players to get on the top of the slide. The footholds are firm, players can climb it easily.

The 0.55mm PLATO PVC tarpaulin makes up the inflatable monkey slide. This kind of PVC is a virtually unbreakable material. It is of high durability and tear strength, you don't need to worry it will broken when you are sliding. The base are strong and thick one. When it is inflated, the base is strong enough to bear the weight of the players.

The size of the inflatable monkey slide is 10 meters length, 6 meters wide and 8 meters height. It is large enough to have an exciting sliding game. Its capacity is one adult. Settling outdoor may be much better, because when having a slither, the comfortable wind will blow to your face, and you can have a nice scene during the sliding. Weather won't be the problems for the sliders. Our product is of excellent UV-resistance, cold weather resistance and waterproof. If you are using it for quit a long time, you should not have to move it into your house every time. It is also easy to install and dismantle. The inflatable monkey slide can be blown up in a matter of minutes using inflating blowers. Its packed size is 90x90x120cm, it is also easy to move and storage. What's more, the tarpaulin is of fade proof. The special treatment to tarpaulin can resist the fading of the color.

For the safety, we do efforts on the structure to make sure the players won't get hurt during the sliding. However, we also consider the physiology and biochemistry hurt. For some common tarpaulins, they are easy to breed the mildew. Our products have gone through a series of produce flow, so the inflatable monkey slide can anti the multiplication of the mildew.

The inflatable monkey slide is of good quality and considerate, if you want an exciting and safe slide, come and have a look at the inflatable monkey slides.

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