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Spain Derprosa company antibacterial film series

by:LINYANG     2020-03-06
新! New ANTI BACTERIAL qualities! 抗菌薄膜系列DERPROSA R + D +我部门开发了一个电影,将抗菌特性添加到范围的热分层的电影。 抗菌性能提供的新电影特别攻击担心大肠杆菌( E. Coli) 细菌。 Derprosa R + D + I company have developed a heat has antibacterial properties of composite films. The antimicrobial properties of the new film products especially to resist e. coli. 外部实验室测试结果:几乎完全消除叠层表面的细菌 99. 有效的9% ( 抗菌效果报告由IMSL实验室) . For outside lab test results: to prevent almost all the surface of the composite bacteria - 99. 9% efficient ( According to the IMSL the antibacterial effect of laboratory) 。 24 mic BACTERSTOP is in thermal version: 抗菌系列具有热覆膜版本:24 DF238: gloss finish24 DF238:24微米高光表面27 DF248: 27 mic matt finish 27 DF248:27微米哑光表面
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