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Some British wines will be packed in plastic

by:LINYANG     2020-01-12


British supermarket giant Sainsbury will start to shop plastic packaged wine shelves, worth 4. 99 pounds of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and value 3. The 99-pound Australian Rose Red wine party took the lead in adopting this recyclable light material ( The raw material is polyethylene terephthalate, or PET)Packaging. If the experiment is successful, then the UK government-supported Waste and Resources Action Plan (WRAP)It will be promoted and applied to other wines.

after Wolf Bass, Australia's largest wine exporter, introduced PET packaging, the British government came up with this idea. Wolf Bass's plastic bottled wine went on sale in Canada last year. A few weeks later, Wolf Bass was worth 7. 49 pounds of green standard Chardonnay ( Green Label chardonnay)And caberanasila will be available in the UK.

The traditional glass bottle weighs about 400 grams, while the PET package weighs 54 grams, which is only 1/8 of the weight of the glass bottle. Sainsbury said that there are many advantages in replacing glass with plastic. 'The new plastic bottled wine looks the same as the glass bottled wine, and the capacity is equal, without affecting the taste of the wine. Consumers are not only light, but also more convenient for picnics and barbecues in summer. '

Britain consumes about 1 billion bottles of wine a year, and about 500 thousand tons of glass bottles alone. According to WRAP, replacing glass bottles with the lightest packaging can reduce carbon emissions by about 90 thousand tons.

plastic packaging may not be used for expensive wines, but wine experts believe that plastic packaging will be increasingly used for low-and medium-grade wines. Since cheap wines have been packaged in plastic, consumers may have inertial thinking that plastic-packaged wines are inferior. But manufacturers firmly believe that consumers will overcome the resistance to plastic bottles, just as they already understand the effect of screw caps and plastic plugs and Cork plugs.

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