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So you don't buy electrostatic membrane ~ to lose

by:LINYANG     2020-03-05
Electrostatic film on how to buy? Prevent is not very understanding and be fool! ! ! Many people know about electrostatic membrane is not much more special, so easy puzzled when the choice, even being around. Remind friends of different product packaging use electrostatic membrane also differ, so in electrostatic membrane of choose and buy when we want to have some strategies of choose and buy! Today we take a look at! Electrostatic membrane is mainly manifested in the aspects of choose and buy: 1, the wear-resisting degree: electrostatic membrane is used to protect the product, so it is certain to should have the wear-resisting degree. Especially for some vacuum packaging products, the requirement for the paster wear-resisting degree is higher. In general, the higher the wear resistance of electrostatic membrane, and the higher smoothness. 2, light transmittance, electrostatic membrane penetrability is poor, can make the person feels very laborious. According to introducing, good light transmittance of sticker at about 95%, and the bad are below 80%. Some informal market can achieve 99% of the nominal sticker is not completely, now generally is not higher than 97%. 3, easy sticky: in general, the quality of electrostatic membrane can be on the premise of guarantee product surface clean, automatic paste and not prone to bubbles. Generally inferior sticker on the back glue, can not be repeated use, also can't wash. And quality of electrostatic membrane with the method of electrostatic paste, need not glue, can use repeatedly and even washing.
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