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Six kinds of common material tent performance contrast analysis _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-03-31
Tarpaulin materials mainly include PE tarpaulin, cotton tarpaulin, PE polyester ponchos, nylon tarpaulins, metal materals tarpaulins and silk ponchos, that these materials what are their characteristics? PE tarpaulins, environmental protection, health, small volume, light quality, receive a convenient, use easily. Evenness, tensile strength, tear resistance, weatherability. Is now the most widely used tarpaulins. Cotton tarpaulin: poor uniformity, different mesh sizes, shapes and low stress. Therefore making plate quality, printing effect is not ideal, therefore has rarely used. Polyester ponchos: also called polyester tent, also is a kind of synthetic fiber. Uniform mesh size and density. Its chemical resistance stronger than nylon tarpaulins, elongation was lower than those of nylon tarpaulins, defect is produced in electrostatic printing, aquosity worse than nylon tent. Nylon tent: is usually commonly used of the base plate. The composition of woven polyamide fibre. As a kind of synthetic fiber, also called nylon mesh, nylon mesh, nylon mesh. Nylon tent features as high strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, elastic, because of uniform size, smooth surface, so the ink through sex is also very good. Its defect is nylon tarpaulins stretchability is bigger. This tent in tension after a period of time, tension, make the tarpaulins plate is flabby, precision. Therefore, not suitable for printing high dimension accuracy requirement of the circuit board, etc. Metal materals ponchos, characteristic for high strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance, surface finish is high also, and conductive performance is very good, the disadvantage is that the elastic is small, tarpaulins have creases cannot restore elasticity, cause scrap. Silk ponchos, evenness, tensile strength, high surface finish than cotton tarpaulin, defect is elongation is too large, easy to aging metamorphism, light effect is not good, long-term exposure to the light to become fragile. Among them, as the tent like light, functional direction, PE tarpaulins now turning into a major civil tarpaulin. Pairs of silk used in areas such as medicine and rare metal, metal tarpaulin used in ceramic, machinery, other tent industries are in use. Tarpaulin, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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