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Six details that need to be paid attention to in the correct use of tarpaulin tents

by:LINYANG     2022-08-26
The normal use of the tarpaulin tent is crucial, and the correct use can prevent the occurrence of failures and prolong the service life. So what are the requirements for the correct use of the tarpaulin? 1. When the tarpaulin is not in use, it should be put away, and all the spare parts should be collected completely. Can't hide items very well. 2. Pay attention to the handling of the tarpaulin, handle it with care, and ensure that it is placed in a safe place, not in a place with too high temperature, and smoking is strictly prohibited. Avoid unnecessary loss of the tarpaulin or items under the tarpaulin caused by fire. 3. To do a good job of cleaning the tarpaulin, after using it, if it is not used for a period of time and needs to be put away, it is necessary to carry out a brief arrangement of the tarpaulin. To prevent objects from decaying in the tarpaulin and corrode the tarpaulin. 4. It is necessary to expose the tarpaulin that has been stored for a long time to avoid the breeding of bacteria on the tarpaulin, which will have a certain impact on the service life of the tarpaulin. 5. You must first carefully study the operation instructions of the tarpaulin, and then install the tarpaulin. During the installation process, you should pay attention to some details of the installation of the tarpaulin, such as whether the tarpaulin buckle is fastened, whether the orientation is appropriate, etc. wait. 6. Pay attention during use. If there are sharp objects or very sharp objects, they must be placed properly. Do not let them scratch the tarpaulin to avoid affecting the final use. It doesn't matter if the tarpaulin is scratched, do the correction work on the tarpaulin in time, such as patching, etc., so that the use of the tarpaulin can achieve the maximum effect.
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