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Six common problems in food plastic products manufacturers

by:LINYANG     2020-01-09


I. Unreasonable division of labor within the enterprise

some enterprises' inspection departments and production departments are together, there is an unreasonable phenomenon of production index inspection. What's more, the production, quality control and technology of an enterprise are one department, and one person is responsible for the work of the three departments. In short, the institutional settings of these enterprises are unreasonable. In response to this problem, the 'review rules' clearly require that the inspection department or personnel must independently exercise power and have veto power over quality issues. This is an old problem that has been clearly defined in the stage of total quality management. Some SMEs mainly consider resource conditions (Such as wages) In the division of labor, especially in the division of production and service, the departments of supply, maintenance, safety, and administration are managed by one person. The division of labor of contemporary enterprises should be comprehensively considered in terms of resources, technology and efficiency. For example, if a person is engaged in a single operation, it is easy to become skilled, improve efficiency, contribute to technological improvement, and promote the development of the overall economy, in order to promote market development, in turn, deepen the division of labor and technological progress, enterprises can continue to grow and develop.

2. It is difficult for enterprises to invest in rectification

It is understood that there are currently 4000 plastic products manufacturing enterprises for food, and small and medium-sized enterprises account for about. 9%, if the rectification is carried out according to the requirements of the specific product implementation rules, a certain fee is required. Some enterprises feel difficult and are wandering, but some enterprises are unwilling to invest, for example, some enterprises need to add air shower, hand washing and changing facilities at the entrance of the workshop and make the workshop smooth on three sides (Ground, wall, top)This is the most basic investment. However, the leaders of some companies said that if they need to invest, they will not do it. In my understanding, the market access system designed this time not only guides large and medium-sized enterprises to actively apply for production licenses, it also provides opportunities for small enterprises that value quality and keep their promises, including the courage to catch up, to ensure that enterprises of all sizes have equal opportunities to participate.

iii. Do not operate according to documents

some enterprises' quality and safety management systems are not perfect, and the responsibilities of departments and positions are not suitable; The technical management system is not perfect, the process documents are not controlled, and there is no control list of technical documents; Plagiarize or use other people's documents. Therefore, the file is not suitable or not strictly in accordance with the file operation phenomenon. If the process operator does not know what operating procedures, the inspector does not check (Try) Inspection procedures, some operators dictate that the operation process is inconsistent with the procedures, etc. The above phenomenon also shows that the enterprises have not trained the above personnel. Some enterprises that have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification have not paid attention to obtaining effective versions of documents at any time, and operate this basic requirement according to the provisions of the document.

4. There are serious problems in cleaner production

the production environment of many enterprises is dirty and messy, there are debris piled up, and there are clods in the cracks of the inner wall of the workshop, there are spider webs in the corner of the wall. Obvious lime soil is found in the door frame, power supply box and the groove at the bottom of the equipment, and personal hygiene monitoring is lacking. The above problems are seriously inconsistent with the requirements of the review rules. The existence of these problems indicates that workshop managers lack awareness of clean production, equipment maintenance responsibilities are not in place, and the health system is not implemented.

V. Weak inspection ability

The enterprise does not have corresponding laboratory and other inspection places, and a large enterprise also has only one inspector and no qualification, lack of inspection methods. For example, the production enterprises of disposable plastic tableware do not have glass plates, do not know how to regularly verify measuring instruments, do not have inspection procedures, and can only complete simple factory inspection and process inspection, for raw and auxiliary materials, only the quantity can be checked, and it is difficult to realize the requirement of checking from the source according to the acceptance of the certificate.

vi. Quality management system (Referred to as QMS) Not highlighting product features

although some enterprises have established and implemented QMS according to ISO9001 standard, when identifying the required process of QMS, and until now, there is no better understanding of product characteristics and relevant laws and regulations. Therefore, there is a big gap between QMS and market access system. Products refer to plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products, which are characterized by food use and should meet the provisions of food hygiene and hygiene management measures. Article 12th of the health law stipulates that the above products must meet the requirements stipulated in the health standards and health management measures. If we can better understand and meet the above requirements, we should (6. 3)And working environment (6. 4) The two clauses clearly stipulate and effectively implement that the cleaner production in the workshops of these certified enterprises will not be so serious.

The above problems are common problems found through investigation and understanding, hoping to attract the attention of relevant enterprises, actively invest in transformation and improve the above problems, otherwise, it is difficult to pass the strict review of the national audit team.

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