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Simple knowledge of PE waterproof tarpaulin

by:LINYANG     2023-03-22
PE waterproof tarpaulin is also an important product of tarpaulin manufacturers. It is mainly made of new materials. The following editor will introduce the knowledge about PE waterproof tarpaulin: Tarpaulin manufacturers are producing PE waterproof tarpaulins. When using double-sided film, it will be more waterproof and durable. Then, PE waterproof tarpaulin generally has blue-orange, blue-white, blue-silver, double-blue and other colors. Its service life is about 2 years, and it can be processed into different sizes according to customer requirements. In addition, it is often used for indoor and outdoor covering products. It is resistant to folding and wear, light weight and easy to use. Generally, paper factories, docks, coal factories and power plants will choose to use PE tarpaulins. After understanding the contents of PE waterproof tarpaulin, I hope that you can use it more smoothly in the future, and welcome customers to come to our company to buy products.
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