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Shenzhen PET from type membrane manufacturers

by:LINYANG     2020-03-10
PET from type membrane is also called the isolation film, shed film, is to put the silicone mold release agent coating mold in environmental protection material PET film on the surface, make him for different organic pressure sensitive adhesive can appear very light and stable mold force. From type membrane thickness value is 0. 025 mm to zero. 15mm。 With isolation, filling, from type membrane protection function, and easy to peel. PET from type membrane have a dumb face, cold and hot tearing and light after scoring and anti-static treatment, adsorption and fit well. A sichuan protective film as one of shenzhen PET from type membrane manufacturers, we produce the products are widely used in packaging, printing, screen printing, pad printing, nameplate, membrane switch, flexible circuits, insulation products, circuit board, laser anti-counterfeiting, laminating, electronics, sealing material with film, reflective material, waterproof material, medicine, Plaster paper) , toilet paper, adhesive products, die cutting, stamping processing, and other areas of the industry. PET from type membrane mainly include PET high gloss film, PET transfer film, PET reflective film, chemical coating film, PET antistatic film, PET heat sealing film and so on a chuan chuan has ten years of development history, from the film industry in shenzhen to be started early. In today's competitive s, experience is needed for a company to grow the core competitiveness. We are such a group of industry experienced. We have strength to compete with peers, because we have a very skillful engineer, smart boss, guileless hard workers and smooth product circulation channels. A plain film co. , LTD. , the production of PET from type membrane has good anti scratch and antistatic properties, possess good adsorption and laminating. Has been successfully help companies to realize the optimization of the product, a plain film, is your trustworthy partner.
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