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Shenzhen heat shrinkable film production factory

by:LINYANG     2020-03-10
Heat shrinkable film used in a variety of products sales and transport, its main function is stable, cover and protect the product. Shrinkable film must have high durable sex, good contractility and contraction stress. In the process of contraction, the film does not produce the hole. Because the shrinkable film often are suitable for outdoors, so you need to add UV UV radiation dose. A plain film co. , LTD is a professional heat shrinkable film production factory in shenzhen, our heat shrinkable film products include PE heat shrinkable film, PVC heat shrinkable film, PET shrink film, POF heat shrinkable film and OPS heat shrinkable film. Our products are exported to all over the world, and to hold the shrinkable film market in China. A sichuan and adhere to the customer as the center, based on the service concept of customer is the boss, look for ways to save costs for our customers, under the same quality products, our price in the industry is an advantage. Under the condition of the same price, the quality of our products is not lower than peers. We insist on a conscience to do business, duty to make money. Heat shrinkable film is a kind of in a large number of our products, we in addition to the heat shrinkable film, also operate all kinds of protective film, from type membrane, stretch wrap film and plastic wrap. As a heat shrinkable film production factory in shenzhen, the sichuan is you will never regret choice.
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