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Shanxi watching the exhibition film pilot work

by:LINYANG     2020-01-29


starting from this year, Shanxi province will comprehensively carry out pilot work on recycling and utilization of waste agricultural film to control farmland. 'White pollution'.

In recent years, the agricultural departments in Shanxi have adopted a series of measures and methods to actively explore and carry out the pollution control of farmland waste plastic film, and achieved initial results.

The agricultural department of Huairen County relies on the cooperative to organize the surrounding farmers to actively recycle the plastic film, and exchange the new film for the farmers according to the ratio of 1:1. Through the recycling of waste plastic film, effectively mobilized the enthusiasm of farmers to clean up the waste film in the farmland.

said by farmers:' In the past autumn harvest season, the waste agricultural film on the field was flying everywhere. When it was planted in spring, it was picked up and burned as garbage. The environment was not polluted, and the residue after incineration was not easy to dispose. But now it's not the same. The old agricultural film has really brought us benefits. '

Shanxi Provincial Department of Agriculture said that recycling mulch film can fundamentally solve the soil pollution caused by excessive use of mulch film, which has played a positive role in realizing agricultural production increase, agricultural efficiency increase and farmers' income increase. In 2017, Shanxi will comprehensively carry out the pilot project of waste agricultural film recycling and utilization, achieving a recovery rate of over 50% in the pilot area.

In addition, Shanxi will crack down on illegal production and sale of unqualified agricultural films, establish and improve the recycling, storage, transportation and comprehensive utilization network of discarded agricultural films, and strive to reach 2020, the recovery rate of agricultural film in the pilot area reached more than 90%. =

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