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by:LINYANG     2019-10-25
The molding process of tarpaulin is an important step. What is the principle of tarpaulin molding? What are the characteristics of him? The Columbus factory will tell you. The main characteristics of molding are: low cost, simple setting, low investment, and not affected by the high and low molecular weight of polyethylene, even the world's relative molecular quality is the highest ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (Germany has reached 10 million)Can also be processed; Disadvantages are low production efficiency, high labor intensity, unstable product quality, etc. However, for the molding process of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, because its relative molecular weight is too high and its fluidity is extremely poor, in other cases where the molding is not mature, all countries in the world mainly use molding to process ultra-polymer recorded polyethylene products. Molding is a method similar to processing polytetrafluoroethylene, making powdered ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene into semi-finished products or finished products such as rods, plates, wheels and shaft sleeves. Because the relative molecular mass of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is very high, the molecules are entangled with each other during the molding process and the mutual infiltration in the molecular space is more serious than other engineering plastics, so the thermal expansion and contraction coefficient is large, in addition, the production by pressing sintering method is highly random in manual operation, as well as the size of the finished product and the sintering temperature, sintering time, variety of additives, proportion, variety of coupling agents, pressure size, mold opening temperature, etc. , it is difficult to connect and suppress into a finished product. Only when the size requirements of the products are not strict can the finished products be directly made into Chinese, and certain measures can also be taken for the products with higher size requirements to be directly processed into finished products. The above is the introduction of the molding process of the tarpaulin. If there are other problems, please feel free to contact us and look forward to your call!
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