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Several purchasing methods of plastic tarpaulin

by:LINYANG     2023-02-02
Now the quality of plastic tarpaulins on the market is uneven, when we buy, we can judge its quality through many aspects. First of all, you can judge the quality of the plastic tarpaulin by observing its appearance. This is also the most commonly used method. Take a piece of plastic tarpaulin and first look at its roughness. The rougher the surface of the plastic tarpaulin, the more The quality of the tarpaulin is worse; you can also try the softness of the plastic tarpaulin by hand, and it is also a very reference method to judge the quality from the material. It is also very important to judge the density of the latitude and longitude of the plastic tarpaulin. The higher the density, the higher the strength of the plastic tarpaulin and the better the quality of the plastic tarpaulin. If possible, you can spray water on the plastic tarpaulin to observe whether the tarpaulin leaks, which is also the most intuitive way to test the quality of the plastic tarpaulin.
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