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Seven basic management method of railway tarpaulins _ industry trends

by:LINYANG     2020-03-22
Tarpaulins, everyone is presumably know about some basic management methods of railway tarpaulins, everybody is not very clear, effective management method, can prolong the life of tarpaulins and can better use of tarpaulins, everybody together to get to know: 1, tent is auxiliary appliance railway wagon, according to the property is divided into railway tarpaulins and bring their own tent. Bring your own tent is the shipper since purchasing self-use tarpaulins. 2, tarpaulins, only for the fear of wet film covering gondola car shipping, inflammable goods or other goods they need tarpaulins. Poison, corrosive materials and polluting goods shall not be used rail tarpaulin. Film covering the goods is easy to damage the tarpaulin, loading unit protective measures must be taken, protective material provided by the shipper. 3, the shipper can't meet the demand of the transport of goods in railway tarpaulins, can purchase own tent. Bring your own tent shall not lease business. 4, railway tarpaulin cannot be checked out or divert it to use. Immediately correct, found and acceptance check tarpaulin extension fee by the regulation. 5, loading using the tent must be good quality, complete tent rope, mark, number complete clarity. Tent shall not cross Shan, car mat, Shan in the car, can not replace loading reinforcement material. Railway tarpaulins with mixed Shan self-provided tarpaulins. Tarpaulin film covering should comply with the regulations of tarpaulin film covering standards. Cargo loading height more than gondola car end side wall more than 1 m or supercargo they shall not be in a vehicle tarpaulin. June, railways and railway private sidings transport agreement should include railway tarpaulins delivery, use, storage, echo, extension fee acceptance check, loss of damage compensation, etc. Reach the special railway, the railway railway private sidings tarpaulins, since van transferred to handover location the next day, two days location designated by the consignee to railway tarpaulins to the station. The consignee date will be sent back railway tarpaulins, not according to stipulations shall be in accordance with the provisions, acceptance check truck tarpaulin extension fee. 7, railway tarpaulin damage, loss, the compensation liability unit, specific provisions 'railway tarpaulins damage loss processing method'. Above knowledge provided by linyi tarpaulin manufacturer, want to learn more knowledge about the tarpaulin please go to our official website: tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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