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Selection principle of plastic tarpaulin dyes

by:LINYANG     2023-03-25
When dyeing plastic tarpaulins, the selection principles of dyes are mainly as follows. Dye selection during color matching: When color matching is required, select dyes and pay attention to their composition, solubility, fastness, dye uptake and other properties. Due to the different dyeing properties of various dyes, the dyeing effect is often affected by differences in temperature, solubility, and dyeing rate. When performing color matching, it is necessary to select dyes with similar properties, the closer the better, which is conducive to the control of process conditions and the stability of dyeing quality. Choose according to the use of dyeing: According to the use of the dyed object, the requirements for the color fastness of the dyed product are also different. For example, the cloth used for curtains is not washed very much, but it is often exposed to the sun, so sun-resistant dyes should be selected when dyeing. As the dyeing of underwear and light-colored fabrics worn in summer, most of them are washed and sun-dried. Please choose dyes that are resistant to washing, sun exposure and sweating. Selection according to the properties of the fibers: the properties of each fiber are different, and appropriate dyes need to be selected when dyeing. For example, when dyeing cotton fiber, because its molecular structure contains a large number of hydrophilic hydroxyl groups, it is easy to absorb moisture and expand, chemically react with reactive groups, and is resistant to alkali. Therefore, dyes such as reduction, vulcanization, ice dye, and reactive dyes can be directly selected for dyeing. dyeing. Polyester has strong hydrophobicity and high temperature alkali resistance, so it is generally necessary to choose disperse dyes instead of the above dyes for dyeing. Choose according to the cost of dyes: When choosing dyes, not only shading and fastness, but also the cost of dyes and auxiliaries used, supply sources, etc. must be considered. For higher-priced dyes, in order to reduce production costs, it is necessary to replace them with other dyes that can dye the same effect as much as possible.
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