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Selection of plastic tarpaulin dyes

by:LINYANG     2023-01-29
Zhongshan plastic tarpaulin is dyed with dyes in the production process. How can we choose the appropriate dyes? In this regard, the relevant personnel put forward the following suggestions: 1. Select dyes according to the cost of dyes: When choosing dyes, not only the color and fastness, but also the cost of dyes and additives used, supplies, etc. should be considered. Dyes with high value are best replaced with other dyes that produce the same effect to reduce production costs. 2. Select dyes according to fiber characteristics. The properties of various fibers are different, so choose the appropriate dye when dyeing. For example, cotton fiber contains a large number of hydrophilic hydroxyl groups in its molecular structure, which is easy to absorb moisture and expand. Polyester has strong hydrophobicity and is not resistant to alkali at high temperature. Generally, the above dyes should not be used, but disperse dyes should be selected for dyeing. When dyeing plastic tarpaulins, you must pay attention to the above two requirements to avoid color failure, impurity, confusion, etc.
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