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Screw Compressor stands out

by:LINYANG     2020-01-12


Under the background of global resource shortage, all countries in the world are vigorously carrying out technological innovation and upgrading of compressors, striving for new technologies to bring more energy-saving effects to the refrigeration industry. In this context, high efficiency, low energy consumption and environmental protection

screw compressor industry is a technology-intensive industry with relatively complex production process, high processing precision requirements and great difficulty in updating products and technologies, the sustainable development of an enterprise requires not only certain research and development strength and technical reserves, but also certain accumulation of practical experience. Because of this, most enterprises in our country do not have core technology and can only provide complete machine products. Although there are many enterprises, they can only engage in the production of low-end refrigeration compressors, which seriously restricts the development of the domestic refrigeration compressor industry.

However, the downstream industries of screw refrigeration compressors are mainly commercial central air conditioning industry and industrial refrigeration industry. With the proposal of low-carbon concept and the emergence of low-carbon economy, the requirements of the state, enterprises and individuals for the comfort, environmental protection and energy conservation of living and working environment are continuously improving. The energy-saving and environment-friendly commercial central air conditioner will usher in a rapid development momentum, the market demand for screw refrigeration compressors in China is growing rapidly.

Based on the prosperity judgment of downstream industries such as central air conditioning industry and refrigeration industry, it is estimated that the average annual growth rate of screw refrigeration compressor industry in the next five years will be about 10% ~ 20%, market demand continued to be strong. The downstream industries of screw refrigeration compressors are mainly commercial central air conditioning industry and industrial refrigeration industry, and the development trend is difficult to stop. Nowadays, the construction of cold storage in our country shows several remarkable characteristics: first, the number increases; The second is to move towards scale, including the growing scale of monomers; The third is to develop towards the direction of light prefabricated assembly, management and automatic loading and unloading of goods in and out of the warehouse, flexibility, high efficiency, safety, environmental protection and energy saving.

The biggest advantage of screw compressor is its large refrigerating capacity, which is suitable for low-temperature cold storage. The characteristics of few vulnerable parts, long overhaul period, high volumetric efficiency, low exhaust temperature, insensitivity to liquid shock and stepless adjustment of refrigerating capacity make screw refrigeration compressors more and more appreciated by users; At the same time, it is also widely used in occasions where artificial refrigeration is needed in various sectors of the national economy.

Under the background of fierce competition, due to the characteristics of screw compressor suitable for 24-hour long-term operation and the continuous progress of technology applied to low-temperature systems, its performance and efficiency have been greatly improved. It is believed that in the near future, for the domestic market, it has already become the standard screw compressor for low-temperature refrigeration systems in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and stands out in the industry.

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