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Screen protection film features and using method

by:LINYANG     2020-03-15
Screen protection film characteristic and usage of mobile phone screen protective film can effectively protect the phone's screen is scratched. So, what is the distinguishing feature of mobile phone screen protective film is and how to use? Today we introduce you to a small screen protection film of the characteristics and methods of use! A: product features: 1: import PET materials, high penetration type materials; 2: the protective film on the surface of the high wear-resisting scratch-resistant flowers processing hardness of 3 h ~ 4 h; 3: can repeat paste, leave no trace, no corrosion of the surface. 4: by uv protective film, prevent ultraviolet damage to the LCD panel; 5: can reduce the reflection was 90%, and the light transmittance was 99%, and the clear picture is clear, when the sticker is not easy to produce bubbles; 6: effectively prevent LCD screen scratches and wear, 7: surface c electrostatic resistance, not easy to gather dust contamination; 8: no deterioration due to long time, not like other paste adhesive in the screen surface corrosion, safe and reliable. 2: use method 1: use fiber cloth to the fingerprint on the LCD screen, dust, oil spots and dirt try to; 2: put the protective film on top of the LCD screen, make sure to post direction; 3: use on the protective film on the removable sticker, tag number for the first 1 from type membrane torn off; 4: the protective film on the screen; gently # 5: the final label for 2 from type membrane torn off.
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