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Screen out

by:LINYANG     2020-03-15
To prevent the information on the screen by peep ♦ avoid screen by dust or dirt dirty more clearly ♦ ♦ ♦ convenient installation screen protect privacy, and the mobile phone to reduce glare ♦ ♦ advanced science and technology could prevent the screen is scratched, more can improve the information security of digital products often companion or so, mobile devices such as mobile phone, PDA or tablet allows you to work at any time and place of information and entertainment for personal action, so your privacy information will not appear on the desktop or laptop screen, it follow you use different electronic equipment and appear on your any mobile devices. Prevent looking piece can protect your mobile phone, PDA or * * the information on the tablet, and can avoid the screen is scratch damage, let you all have a wonderful privacy protection. ♦ ultrafine shutter optical technology can only to face up to about 30 degrees range of screen to see the information on the screen, the side of the people to see is a dark picture. ♦ damaged screen may cause difficulties in reading, Lin electronic anti peep film not only protect data from mobile devices screen been breached, but also protecting the screen surface from scratch. Specially designed for tablet screen out piece, can effectively prevent others see tablet computer data on the screen. Lin electronic advanced technology allows you to safety on sensitive sense data from anywhere, can keep the sharpness of the image at the same time, more will not affect the effect of touch screen. Prevent others from peep on both sides, to enhance the surface smooth and clear of information security, maintain distinct image transformation direction of tablet, you can easily share information dust, reduce dust accumulated paste is easy, in addition to a trace designed for straight to, after horizontal amphibious designed tablet, straight to protect privacy, when converted to transverse can share information with others, simple and convenient.
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