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Scratch-resistant screen protection film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-15
Scratch-resistant flowers three layers of PET film membrane surface through SMART technology processing, anti-wear scratch resistance, prevent from scratching. 1, without damage, indentation, crease, dirt, fingerprints, etc. , in a transparent light visual without colorful decorative pattern; 2, high weather resistance, high temperature resistant, easy to tear, convenient heavy stick; 3, fit for a long time, no residue leaving benefits. PET material three layers hard film, high hardness, mainly to prevent the wear and tear of handwritten pen on the screen. High transparent material is qualitative, in the most close to the phone's screen material, make the light refraction and reflection Angle is unified, in order to achieve light transmittance of hundred. USES: used to protect the flat panel display panel ( LCD, CRT, LED, EL, PDP, touch screen, mobile phones, digital cameras and pdas panel) , avoid scratch in use, protect the screen panel.
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