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Scrap processing method _ tarpaulins industry trends

by:LINYANG     2020-03-30
Because PE tarpaulin amorphous material, moisture absorption, liquidity is poor, in order to improve the liquidity, prevent bubbles, PE tarpaulin can dry in advance. Then, when using screw injection machine nozzle, aperture should be larger, in case of blind Angle hysteresis material. Because of its corrosion resistance and liquidity characteristics, the use of special equipment and mould tarpaulins, all products according to the different kinds and quantity of additives may be added. Also, pay attention to it more easily under the temperature 200 degrees and copper contact decomposition, decomposition to escape when the corrosion, excitant gas. Tarpaulins ShangHeng tarpaulin factory production, good quality and price is qualified, is well received by the users at home and abroad, if you need, please contact us Zhao Zong. Telephone: 13754728822 details: http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/query
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