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Rolling and extrusion forming film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-17
1. Rolling process characteristics of plastic film (1) rolling method to produce plastic film work of high strength, good quality; Film thickness error is small. (2) the production of thin film product quality and machining precision of the rolling roller has a direct relationship, for roller has enough working strength, roller face must carry on the fine processing, the surface roughness ^ should not be greater than zero. 025 / im。 (3) calender production plastic film working speed is higher, the roller surface linear velocity can reach 60 to lOOm/min. (4) calender film production specifications: the current domestic thickness of 0. 05 ~ 0. 70 mm, width is about 2300 _. (5) calender line covers an area of big; Equipment and structure is more complex; Project investment is large, production time is Ge. 6 calender needs the technology with higher levels of operators operation; Equipment maintenance more complex CJ2. Extrusion moulding characteristics of plastic film (1) extrusion method molding plastic film with equipment product line covers an area of small, equipment structure is simpler, project investment, less for production time is short, better economic benefit. (2) forming film extrusion method, using blow molding products for cylinder, easy to control its thickness and width. (3) forming extrusion method with equipment operation is simple, production of plastic film technology is a good master. (4) in cylinder of film products, finished products no trimming, produces little waste. (5) width of film products can reach more than 10 m. 6 extrusion blow molding molding plastic film work intensity lower than rolling method to produce thin film strength, thickness deviation is big also, unstable product quality.
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