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Reveal the reasons for foaming of automobile film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-25


The Automobile film is attached to the automobile glass to control sunlight. Its basic performance includes safety, clarity, anti-glare, UV insulation, heat insulation, scratch prevention, sufficient shelf life and privacy protection. However, if it is not well pasted, bubbles will be generated, which will affect the appearance. So, what are the reasons for the foaming of the automotive film?

Demystifying the causes of foaming of automobile film

The cleaning of glass is the basic work for the quality of installation and pasting. Generally, there are three steps to clean glass: glass flaw detection, removal of colloidal particles and gravel; Glass dust removal and cleaning ( Due to the need for dust removal and lubrication with water, attention should be paid to prevent water from leaking into the audio and electronic control system of the car, which must be cleaned three times); Cleaning before filming. Be careful with the protection of the heating wire when cleaning the rear windshield.

The film is most afraid of dust. Once the film and the glass are stuck with sand or fine dust in the process of filming, the quality and effect of the entire film will be affected. Therefore, we must choose a car service provider with a closed workshop. In addition, the front and rear windshield glass can best test the technological level of the film, because they have large Radian and large area, which increases a lot of difficulty.

so don't covet cheap prices. Try to choose a large-scale and well-known car service provider to add a truly safe and effective barrier to your car. In addition, the air humidity is relatively high in cloudy days, and the suspended solids in the air are also obviously reduced, which can prevent impurities between the film and the glass from affecting the appearance, and is the best time to stick the film.

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