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Research progress of plastic fresh-keeping film combination technology

by:LINYANG     2020-02-01


for the storage and preservation of fruits and vegetables, it is not enough to use a single film preservation technology for preservation, which often fails to achieve the best preservation effect. At the same time of packaging fruit and vegetable films, it is possible to achieve better preservation effect and storage life by coating the surface with preservative or punching the packaging tape.

studies have shown that the combination of various preservation technologies can achieve the best storage effect. After the green onion is treated with fruit fumigant (Fumigation once a month)And use 0 with 16 holes. 03mmpvc fresh-keeping film, at 0℃, humidity 80% ~ Under 90% conditions, the storage can reach 4 months, with the best storage effect. The Citrus was smeared with garlic extract and dried with a thickness of 0. 01mm plastic film wrapping, wrapping film with some ventilation holes, storage at normal temperature, this method of storage for 95 days, rotten fruit rate is only 7. 8%. However, polyethylene plastic film punching and CSP preservative are used to keep winter jujube fresh, 2 ~ Stored at 4℃ for 63d, the good fruit rate reached 90%. 250mg ·L- 1 The oyster mushroom is treated with anhydrous sodium sulfite solution and stored in a sealed fresh-keeping bag with built-in water absorbing agent. The fresh-keeping effect is ideal, the fresh-keeping time is 8 days, the appearance quality is kept good, and the weight loss rate is 4. 8%, water stain, softening and Browning are light.

a packaging company in the United States has recently developed a kind of porcelain paper, which is made of porcelain paper into a film bag for packaging vegetables. When using this kind of porcelain paper, it is combined with inflatable packaging technology, that is, after vegetables are packed in a film bag with porcelain paper, the air in the bag is first removed by vacuumizing, after being filled with emotional gas and sealed, porcelain paper can continuously emit long-wave infrared radiation to limit bacterial activity in vegetables and inhale a small amount of ethylene gas, thus greatly prolonging the shelf life of vegetables. In addition, the United States has also developed porcelain paper that contains odor-eliminating ingredients and absorbs a large amount of ethylene gas.

Department of Food, Zhejiang University, Institute of Naval Medicine Hou Jianshe, Li Zhonghua and other simulated ship cold storage temperature (2 ° C, 9 ° C) The fresh-keeping bags provided by the Naval Medical Research Institute and the national agricultural products preservation engineering technology center are used for fresh-keeping storage of leeks. The results showed that appropriate plastic bags ( Such as HDPE Caco, HDPE molecular sieve) Unsealed packaging can store Leeks. Wang Shoujing, Feng Shuangqing, Yu Zihou and others from the Institute of Atomic Energy and Agricultural application of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences use appropriate dose of irradiation (At 0. 08 ~ 0. Within the irradiation dose range of 25kGy) , Combined with polyethylene vegetable special plastic wrap packaging, ginger can be stored for a long time at normal temperature for 120d, and the preservation rate can reach more than 90%.

because different fruits and vegetables have different respiratory intensities and different physiological characteristics, different film preservation technologies should be adopted according to their respective physiological characteristics during storage and preservation, at the same time, combined with low-temperature storage conditions, it can more effectively prevent the corruption of fruits and vegetables after picking, so that fruits and vegetables can still maintain freshness when entering the market.

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