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Rescue of wuhan 'life line' back and forth on the truck driver: I don't have regret dynamic _ industry

by:LINYANG     2020-04-03
Rescue of wuhan 'life line' back and forth on the truck driver: I don't have regret 'anyway, this year the Spring Festival also can't back to home, is to do more. 'Thoughtfully to loading on medical rubbing alcohol cover tarpaulin, an carefully put three masks in his coat pocket inside, to start before the final preparation. Tomorrow ( 6) Again, he will pull a car filled with rescue of medical supplies into the epidemic area of wuhan, from issue to now, this is the third time. An from shanxi, the Spring Festival this year he had contact with a load of seafood to chengdu, never want to, because the outbreak embargo, the order has been cancelled. Issue, an accidental opportunity, he main platform for full capacity in China saw a single goods to wuhan from guangdong foshan, vulcan is for wuhan hill hospital operating room, ICU dedicated air-conditioning, an want to also didn't want to pick up the list. Shortage of medical supplies, know wuhan Zhao Taokai 9. 6 meters long trucks can't do more, more than 9 PM, run for 16 hours, more than 1000 miles to get to wuhan, only eat a bucket of instant noodles, to rest more than ten minutes. 'Before you go to a good bad thought, but as a truck driver, I can contribute so much, little a lot of thought. 'This is the first time, an go to wuhan, because go too nasty, when his hand only masks or logistics factory when loading, but touched him,' go in hunan, gas station staff heard I carrying medical supplies to the epidemic area, no hesitate to put their own only masks together several and handed it to me. 'Car street in wuhan, in the street, waiting for the traffic light, also can have with the mask out sourcing of wuhan citizens spontaneously gave him' refueling 'gesture,' I know who you are in a race with time '. You come back from wuhan, temperature is normal, an also dare not go home, lest cause unnecessary panic. At ordinary times, and he will stay in the car, not to the crowd gathered place, not to contact with the outside world, as a last resort to the wall. Until the eighth day, February 1) , he pulled a load of disinfectant from zhuhai to wuhan university people's hospital, 15 hours on the road, this time he don't rest. Around if necessary on the main road of wuhan, truck driver is not a few, such as an when crates of medical supplies, melon and fruit vegetables were behind smoothly to the epidemic area, as the shadow they silently. Annual lunar calendar later, in wuxi, jiangsu province, '90 after' truck driver from teacher by a single business: full help group joint amity foundation donated disinfectant to wuhan, need people to material from huzhou to wuhan. 1400 kilometers of back and forth for 'old driver' master gu is not long, but I heard that to enter the epidemic area, family disagree, 'I don't want the wife to go with me to wuhan, but she simply won't get off the bus'. In the end, his wife with him overnight, started after the lunar New Year the first sheet. 1 year old daughter can only temporarily to grandma and grandpa take care of. Delivery arrived in that day, wuhan has city, fortunately, the fire brigade GongLuKou meet at high speed, with the traffic police confirmed to send the goods, and your id card photo purpose, temperature, and also to the cab sprayed disinfectant, master gu's car to release. Grade 9 p. m. more high-speed, high-speed warehouses a few miles to drive all the way to the distance. In order to avoid we infected 'firefighters, let's stay in the cab don't down, tarpaulins to solution. Solution under tarpaulins, a dozen fire officers and soldiers went up to start unloading. Big night, they stand in a row, one after another, unloaded the cargo warehouse in half an hour. Unloading the cargo, also didn't rest, they directly with a pile of disinfectant out disinfection, it was very hard. Finish unloading 'because of the urgency of the goods are not allowed to stay, master gu couple return overnight. Before touched him, go, fire officers and soldiers came to the bridge, pass up 5 boxes of instant noodles, 'they say wuhan nothing else is good for now, let's get some instant noodles for the belly, think about deficiencies in wuhan now, they will also be something to me. 'After you come back, master gu's wife have a cough, and low grade fever, this once let him worry, fortunately unscathed after go to a hospital checking, just a cold. Recall a few days ago on this experience, he said, 'I know wuhan is the epidemic area, isolated from the back also, but I don't have regret. ”( the ShangHeng tarpaulins to remind each teacher: life is not easy, pay attention to safety, take mouth-muffle, omni-directional to car disinfection, including the car the tarpaulins, wheels, etc. Need tarpaulins to contact us. http://www。 linyangpvc。 com/
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